Gizmo 11/10/2010 – 11/14/2019

Died of Prostate caner. 

He is now an Angel looking over all of you.

Have Fun Helping Others.

Design MC Rides as Road Captain to help you raise money for a cause.

To Date we have raised over to Help Vets, kids with cancer, breast cancer, Vets with PTSD We put rides together, routes with great roads, collect door prizes,  route maps, hang up fliers and reduce your liability. 

Help Veterans with Therapy/Service Dog Laws 

Educate how to have a dog with you in your apartment and not get Scam. Dogs Help. We are here to educate you and help you using the law.

Help others with Back Pain.

See what I use to help me with Neck, Upper and Lower back pain. Ideas, Meds, Products that can help you

Dog Training for Vets and Others

I grew up training dogs of several Breeds and believe that training Dogs is good for you as the Owner and for your best friend. I teach a unique way that helps you to have the control at the end. it takes time and homework . I do this on donations to Help me Have Fun Helping Others Send us an Email and we can get started if you live by Ellsworth WI

Help us Help Others

By law you can claim a donation

up to $499.00 per year

to any person or company without

a receipt or being a Non-Profit  

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Thera Cane

Thera cane is a simple to use to let you get rid of spasms  on your own in every part of your body easily avg. cost new is $35.00 Used  $20.00