Thera Cane
Lumbar Traction Belt
Lumbar traction Belt
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Inversion Table
Back Pain Info
I put this on here to help others like me that suffer with back or neck pain.
If you know of a product that has helped you and may help others.
I do not put products or info on this page unless
I truly believe it may help you.

Meds and other items that help.

Talk to your Doctor First 



Other Items:

Ice packs
Heating pads
Good Mattress
Stretching/ Exercises

Raising counter HT 1 – 2 inches can help a lot too relieve pain.

 More you move the better you feel.

My Pillow
My Pillow
Tens Unit
Tens Units
DR Ho Neck Traction
Neck Traction
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Thera Cane

Thera cane is a simple to use to let you get rid of spasms  on your own in every part of your body easily avg. cost new is $35.00 Used  $20.00 

This belt helps and works great. It may not feel it is working I was in pain for 4 weeks and wore this 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes, it works.
Cost avg under $40.00 on E-bay

Inversion Tables Are great and easy to use , You are in control. Helps with lower and Upper bak pain. I use mine almost everyday for a few minutes to stretch the back bones apart and not pinch on nerves,  Cost used can be free to new $500.00   as long as you are hanging upside down and allowing gravity the cheap tables work the same as the most expensive. 

My Pillow
This pillow really does help you sleep and helps with neck pain. 
I bought mine 15 years ago and still works great.

Tens  Units 
Are fantastic I use mine all the time.
 It is easy to use and you’re in full control.
Always use fresh pads to prevent burning,
move to different locations after 30 minutes.
Works by confusing the Nerves before the signal goes to the brain that wants to cause spasms that can cause more pain.
Works on every part of your body legs, arms, shoulders and full back.     
Neck Traction Simple to use.  You’er in full control.  Cost is under $40.00 buy on E-Bay.
If you have a bad neck buy this, it will save you thousands of dollars.